Welcome to thoughtsandmisthoughts – a meandering of my mind.

The aim of this blog is to give you an insight into the day to day experiences of having mental health conditions. I have experienced an array of psychological problems from a young age – both personally, and vicariously  – through my parents, family history, and friends. Both my own and others’ experiences have influenced me as a person, how I interact with others, and in my educational and career choices.  I am fascinated by psychology and neurology; indeed, I have a degree in Psychology and am about to start a PhD in behavioural and genetic neuroscience focussing on Alzheimer’s disease.

Like many others, I have had difficulty getting lengthy assessments for firm diagnoses, but I have had depression since being a teenager, which has gradually turned itself into a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. I also had an eating disorder on and off for about 10 years from my mid teens. Many people are incredibly understanding when I am having a very bad time or have been in crisis.  Nevertheless, a number of people seem not to understand the way in which these conditions affect life in the day-to-day, or how they might interact with other life events or health problems.  I am eager for this blog to reflect my experience, not to be a diary of self pity, though there are bound to be times when I might feel sorry for myself (I am human)!  I will post here regularly; at the beginning I posted every day or two, but after a hiatus, I’m aiming for a post or two a week.  I am hoping to give an insight into my day-to-day, explore the shared experiences I have had and the many things I value as a result of my condition(s).


If you think you may find any of the content of this blog distressing, please read the Content Note for this site.  I will endeavour to include trigger warnings on posts as appropriate.