November 2015

Brave Payoff

If you have been reading my recent posts, you will be aware that I had a couple of rubbish days at the end of last week.  Continue reading “Brave Payoff”


Literary therapy

Yesterday I wrote about how someone who I have trusted, and who I have been very open with about my mental health, completely derailed me by being ableist and inconsiderate. Continue reading “Literary therapy”


I can’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling.  This evening  (and night I suppose, it’s past midnight) I have gone through anger, upset, and disappointment. Continue reading “Hurt”

Mostly misthoughts. But a brilliant Morning Plan.

As I’m doing a bit better, and have started working again, I’ve arranged a meeting with my supervisor today. I was chatting to a friend who I will be sharing an office with, talking casually about university Continue reading “Mostly misthoughts. But a brilliant Morning Plan.”

The clouds are lifting

I left university at about 3:30 this morning.  However much I try to be a day person, I always work better at night, and my night owl tendencies resurface no matter what. Continue reading “The clouds are lifting”

Well done, shaky me

What I didn’t mention yesterday, was my physical state at university.  Though I’ve felt more active, my anxious nervous system wouldn’t let me forget that I can’t rush into overdrive. Continue reading “Well done, shaky me”

My brain is my friend (some of the time): On University

Yikes.  I spoke to my Dad last night, who apparently had been trying to get hold of me.  Saturday, I spent a day phoneless Continue reading “My brain is my friend (some of the time): On University”

Some days are very quiet

I had such a lovely time yesterday, but I am hugely exhausted. Continue reading “Some days are very quiet”

Some days are social days

Today has felt like an incredibly long day – though a thoroughly pleasant one.  I’ve managed to attend three social events! Continue reading “Some days are social days”

Trans* Day of Remembrance

It’s Trans* Day of Remembrance.

I know I’ve talked about designated ‘days’ for the past two posts (on International Men’s Day and World Toilet Day), and that’s not the theme of this blog, but this is an important one. Continue reading “Trans* Day of Remembrance”

Happy World Toilet Day

I just thought I’d mention that in addition to it being International Men’s Day today, it’s come to my attention that it’s also World Toilet Day. Continue reading “Happy World Toilet Day”

International Men’s (Mental Health) Day

Today is international Men’s day.

For the record, March 8th is International Women’s Day.  Continue reading “International Men’s (Mental Health) Day”

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