Yesterday I wrote how I had been to the supermarket a few days before, and my anxiety was making the occasional fireworks pretty unenjoyable. I realised today that this had been when I went to get a few Halloween supplies, so was about a week ago.

Today I went with my mum to the same supermarket to get a coffee after meandering round an indoor market this afternoon. The indoor market, appropriately named Boutique Village, is wonderful – filled with container-sized independently-owned mini-shops selling all sorts of furniture and ephemera, both new and old. I particularly liked a cabinet of knitted sweets and biscuits, and some handmade felt mice in Pavia Lee‘s boutique.

umbrella mice daddy mouse and baby mouse

I have untold amounts of knick-knacks, but as ever, I couldn’t help myself and unfortunately did not come away empty handed. (I say unfortunately, because I am trying to get a house together and spending money on odds and ends is not ideal, but not-so-secretly, I am rather pleased to add to my collections.) It was a bit of a nightmare as I could’ve joyfully spent a fortune on affordable crafts and second-hand furniture, but I managed to fit my purchases into one carrier bag, and that contained one or two Christmas presents, so I think I did alright. My Mum’s been calling it the Magical Shopping Place, and now I can see why.

When we went to the supermarket later on, there were several fireworks splashing about the sky in the distance. As my mum drove, I was able to enjoy the colourful showers of sparks without their explosive noises. After our coffee however, I walked to the car with several fireworks were going off nearby and I was pleased to find I only flinched at the first one, and subsequently I responded more customarily, smiling at the colours and magical patterns.

I came to my parents’ a week ago to give myself some headspace and a change of scenery as I’ve been struggling recently. I’m glad it seems to be helping a bit as I’m not so sensitive to every unexpected noise.