It’s a tired one today.

My head feels too heavy for my neck this evening, despite it resting on pillows. Although I was back in my own bed last night, and I fell asleep swiftly, I found myself waking up a couple of times during the night again, and having difficulty falling back asleep. I also was awake earlier than I have been for a fortnight.

I didn’t do an awful lot with my day – but achieved a small load of washing up, put the dry items away, and made a slow trip to Sainsbury’s with Oblong, where we not only picked up the essentials, but a couple of Christmas presents, and sent a card and gift to Oblong’s middle sister. In between that I updated this blog site and added in some pictures I’d managed to get off my phone (you can see them in previous posts).

I get frustrated and feel I should be able to do more, and it is equally frustrating and may be difficult to understand for Oblong, who is not in my body. However, a friend reassured me this evening that I did well by getting up, dressed, and out of the house today, and that I had managed to do more washing up today than she had in the past month, due to her levels of stress and anxiety (although she is going to work successfully, which is more than me at the moment… We even out).

I am always reassured by the kindness and understanding of those who are feeling, or have felt, similarly, and I know with time, I will be back up to my usual rates of productivity.