I got my period a couple of days ago.  It’s a relief as I’d missed it for a few weeks, which is a sure sign of my stress levels.  It doesn’t happen very often, but my menstrual cycle has been known to go off kilter in reflection of my mental health.  And no, before you think or ask it, it’s not likely to be a pregnancy scare.

I debated with myself whether to discuss this here, as some may not want to know.  I concluded that nobody is obliged to read this, and it’s a completely ordinary bodily function that occurs in about half of all humans at some time in their life.  Also, I get irate when people shy away from talking about periods, as I’m pretty sure if it happened to most male-identifying people instead of most female-identifying people, then there wouldn’t be so much of  an issue with it. If anyone is wondering why I have termed this such, there is a valuable article about inclusivity in conversations about menstruation here.  I’d recommend it.

Throughout my later teens and into my twenties, I could never understand people who could set their calendar by their menstrual cycle, and generally I think this was just due to natural variability, although could have been related to my variable depressive states.  I never monitored it carefully enough, nor was especially bothered, since my periods never caused me much pain and I’d be on and off contraceptive pills for various reasons – in part to try and regulate my hormones.

A decade or so ago I was in the throes of an eating disorder and regularly missed my period.  Whether that was due to stress or irregular and lacking nutrition, I don’t know, but with time, its monthly visitation returned, and also has become more regular.  And uncomfortable.

Despite being quite painful at times, I’m glad this time of stress hasn’t interfered with my hormones so much to have frightened away my period altogether.