December 2015

That dreaded feeling

CW: Suicidal ideation; description of S/H thoughts.

This morning, waking up was awful.  I slept badly.  I’ve considered carefully whether to post this Continue reading “That dreaded feeling”


Working from home

I’ve been having problems recently with my laptop overheating, hence going into university to work on my Masters thesis.  My laptop appears to have recovered itself so yesterday I spent working at home Continue reading “Working from home”

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Sea creatures in Santa hats

Last night, there was a Christams Fayre from 5-8pm that I saw an event advert for a few weeks ago and was struck by.  It was at the Sealife Centre Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like… Sea creatures in Santa hats”

Presentations and Thanks

I was rather nervous this morning, as I’d arranged to see my supervisor and anticipated discussing my progress on the writing up of my Masters project, which frankly, so slowly that a snail looks like Usain Bolt next to me. Continue reading “Presentations and Thanks”

Found emotions

The other day Oblong and I had to go to the House to speak to someone from British Gas who was going to do a survey to see whether we would be eligible to have cavity wall or loft insulation installed Continue reading “Found emotions”

Christmas arrived!

I unashamedly love Christmas.  This morning I woke up happy that everything from the past few days had been put to rest, and initially hadn’t registered that December had arrived.  Continue reading “Christmas arrived!”

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