I unashamedly love Christmas.  This morning I woke up happy that everything from the past few days had been put to rest, and initially hadn’t registered that December had arrived.  I came to, and a testament to my improvement was that this morning I completed most of the Morning Plan on my own, without Oblong’s assistance.  I was pleased with myself, but also recognised that the more ideal and enjoyable situation would be completing the Plan together.

I remembered Oblong had given me an advent calendar last night.  I had seen several posts by friends on Facebook who all had exciting advent calendars ready for their children or other loved ones, and I was a little sad that we hadn’t had the time to think about decorating for Christmas, and that since we are having work done on the House, and many things are packed away in storage, it would be fairly impossible to decorate as usual. Nevertheless, Oblong had sourced me an advent calendar, and it cheered me no end.  Christmas just delights me.


I am like a child, joyfully overwhelmed by the magic of it all.  Whilst I know that Father Christmas (probably) doesn’t really journey from the North Pole or Greenland on his annual night-time excursion, and that the elves don’t actually collect all the wrapped presents throughout December, as my Mum used to tell me, somehow the magic hasn’t dissipated despite my age. My parents, and in particular my Mum, are to thank for my childhood Christmases being saturated with enchantment and thrill, and that has managed to stay with me.  I owe it to my Mum having been an infants’ teacher, and never letting go of the mystery and magic herself.

When I came home from studying at university today, I walked into Christmas in the bedroom.  Oblong had been out with friends for the evening, but unbeknownst to me, had hurried home when I mentioned I might leave uni for the evening, and she had joyfully sprinkled festivity around the room.  I am so excited and about this lovely surprise.  I’m grateful to and for Oblong.