Last night, there was a Christams Fayre from 5-8pm that I saw an event advert for a few weeks ago and was struck by.  It was at the Sealife Centre in Brighton!  Oblong was working, and I wasn’t too sure about going on my own when I first saw about its happening, but I saw that our friend Juliette who has recently moved back to Brighton was planning to go.  I wondered if she’d like to go with me.  She would.  We agreed to meet beforehand and attend together.

As it happened, Juliette had to work late yesterday, but as I have become more accustomed to going out recently, I thought I’d go down early and meet her there.  I headed down for about 5:30, slightly nervous, but excited to go.  I’ve never been to the Sealife Centre, and I was hoping there would be a few fish to see, alongside all the Christmas fare.  I was also wearing the wonderful polar bear jumper that had garnered a compliment or two earlier in the day, so I was feeling suitably seasonal.

It was such a lovely event.  Juliette was held up so only managed to arrive for the last 40 minutes or so, but that gave me enough time to fully circulate the stalls a couple of times, pick out some purchases, and to admire the water life.  I purchased a few bits and pieces as gifts to others or myself:


Moreover, all the fish!  I must return to admire it all one day, as only a few parts were accessible last night.  Brighton’s Sealife Centre is in the building of the oldest public aquarium in the world, so it was a delight to look around.  I like fish.


Also, on the way home, Jane sent me a message to say she’d not had a pleasant day and was feeling rather miserable.  At that point, I was caught in an extremely windy rainstorm, so I sent her a couple of rather damp humorous pictures of myself to cheer her up.  She thought I looked like a podded pea or broccoli.  It’s not the look I was going for, but I can see why she said it.  At least she laughed.