I’ve been having problems recently with my laptop overheating, hence going into university to work on my Masters thesis.  My laptop appears to have recovered itself so yesterday I spent working at home, and sat in the study into the small hours.  Actually they weren’t that small.  I treated myself to a caffeinated coffee at too late an hour and was sat working until about 5:30 am.  Maybe later.  I got up late today as a consequence, but have been trying to work diligently.  Unfortunately I keep getting distracted.  Firstly, next door’s cat Aubrey has been to visit, and he has traditionally been happy to venture into the flat but flees at his first notice of movement from Oblong or I. Today he came in and settled on the sofa, or more accurately, into a duvet that was on our sofa and he stayed settled for at least half an hour.  It must be chilly outside.


Secondly, I discovered yesterday that having silly children’s Christmas films on in the background helped me concentrate on work.  Although they were something of a distraction, they stopped me getting up or flipping through other websites every five minutes.

So far I have played both Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, and Mickey’s Magical Christmas, about three times via Netflix.  Jane said Christmas is my happy, therefore helping keep me on task.  She is right.  Today I fished out some hanging tree decorations I bought recently from the brilliant Brighton-based homeware shop Burts, and decorated my study area.  It’s actually Oblong’s study area, but I haven’t got one at the moment, so whilst she doesn’t need it, I am sequestered here. I made it Christmassy to reconcile the fact I can’t go and enjoy all the lovely fayres happening daily at the moment.