Dear readers,

It’s been a little while since I last made a blog post.  I say a little while; it’s been just over four months!  How time skits by. We are already in the second season of 2016; we’ve left Winter behind and launched solidly into Spring.

The break in posting wasn’t intentional, and throughout this unscheduled interval, I have kept intending to come back and start writing again but time marched on.  It’s struck me a few times that had this been another person’s blog I was reading, this duration of a lull would have me worried about what might have happened, so I will say now that nothing substantially awful has happened.  If anybody worried at all, thank you.  I’m ok.

Though I haven’t wanted to feel as if writing blog posts was an extra pressure, the feeling of not writing has tipped into feeling more of a pressure itself, so here I am again.  I’ll endeavour to write regularly now (though perhaps not daily), as I have missed the process of sharing, and I won’t be able to fulfil my mission to communicate the day to days to mental health without communicating!

Having returned to this blog after some time without visiting, I have been very pleasantly met with many notifications of new followers, comments, and people who have liked my posts.  Welcome to those who have recently joined, I hope both you and my previous readers will find my blog helpful or informative.  Feel free to drop me a comment or question below. Watch this space for more updates.