I couldn’t seem to get my words out yesterday.  Sometimes, I find myself silenced by fear, or stuttering over words when I’m uncertain.  Most people won’t notice this as if I’m not with people I feel very comfortable with in times like this, or I’m not being forced to speak, I often won’t say anything much.

Yesterday though, it wasn’t to do with anxiety.  I have a history of muddling up the words for hot air balloon.  I don’t know why.  Oblong has a wall hanging she bought when she was eight, an appliqued block colour balloon with pockets, mounted onto hessian.  Ever since I first saw it, I’ve seemed unable to refer to the design as anything but an umbrella.  Oblong’s used to this quirk and seems to be able to differentiate between when I am actually talking about umbrellas and when I might actually mean hot air balloon.

Yesterday I started calling them helicopters.

Apparently, all the things that go up in the air are stored in the same place in my brain and the tagging system has an error.  I wonder what I’ll call them next.